Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus

McAdory Middle Art Class 2016/2017
 6,7,8 Grade level
Instructor: Mr. Brown

Course Description:

Visuals Arts 1&2 and Sixth Grade Visual Arts are classes designed to teach students the basic principles, elements, terms, and techniques of Visual Art.  Students will create their own works of art and critique other works of art using what they have learned. There are no prerequisites for this class. There is a $40.00 fee that will need to be paid so that art supplies can be bought for you. Anything art supplies or equipment that is broken by you will be replaced by you.  

Course Standards:

Students will be able to…

  1. Create works of art utilizing a variety of techniques.
  2. Understand perspective and how to produce works of art using one- and two-point perspectives.
  3. Understand and apply appropriate vocabulary when discussing works of art.
  4. Understand that a proper critique is a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of a work of art.
  5. Understand and utilize the appropriate technical terminology in creating a work of art.
  6. Understand the ways in which visual art is connected to all other subjects.
  7. Understand how history and culture have influenced visual art.

*Course Standards are based on the Alabama State Standards for Visual Arts in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.

Grading Percentages:
            Assessments: Projects & Critiques 75%

            Daily Grades: Participation & Production 25%

Course Policies:

  • Attendance is required.  Please be prompt to class and ready to start your daily bellringer as soon as you enter.  I will count tardies, and I will check that you are here and on task during the bellringer assignments.
  • When you are absent, it is either excused or unexcused.  If an absence is excused, missed classwork must be completed within one week of the absence.  All students must make up missed projects!
  • Class participation is expected, especially during the critiques.  You cannot make an “A” in this class without participating in critiques.  During the critiques, I will call on you frequently.

Course Rules:

    1. No talking while the teacher is talking.
    2. Don’t be loud while working on your projects.
    3. Think and use common sense (stay seated, don’t throw things, don’t break things).

Course behaviors:

Course behavior will be discussed with each class, but some general behaviors are as follows:

  1. Respect yourself, others, and your surroundings.
  2. Be prepared, prompt, and ready to learn.
  3. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  4. Use Common Sense in this class.

For rules, there will be consequences and rewards.  Students choose to either follow the rules or students choose to break those rules.

Violation of the rules will be dealt with in the following way:

  1. 2 warnings (2nd warning may result in an assigned seat)
  2. Alternative assignment
  3. Parent Contact
  4. Office write-up. 
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