Visual Arts

Visual Art

 My Vision:

I want all of my art students to have the skills to be successful in the next level of their journey through art. I also want them to have the confidence to tackle any problem that they may come in contact with and say to themselves," I can build, draw, paint, or make that or something that will work for that, because i can think outside the box." 


Some expectations are different for each student that is in Visual Arts. The reason for different expectations is because some students are more artistically advanced than others. For example, a seventh grade student who took my sixth grade art class should be more advanced than a 7th grade student who has never taken art. Therefore, I have a higher expectation for my more advance students.
Even though each student has an individual expectation, all my classes have the same bottom line expectation: All I want is all you have. By this I mean, put forth the best effort you can. In doing so any student can and will become better at these techniques; this is fact. I have seen this happen time and time again. Those students who say they can become better will become better. Those who say they can't, don't. It is solely up to the student, not the teacher. I do my job, I expect my students to do their job.

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